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Paul W. Jacobs, Consultant in Forensic Imaging and Analysis

Paul Jacobs provides forensic photography, forensic video and technical services for controlled event reenactments. Paul works in collaboration with counsel, accident reconstruction, human factor, and other specialized experts to fairly and accurately reconstruct incidents for fact finding, documentation and evidentiary purposes. Based in Sacramento, California.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Visibility Studies & Analysis- Daytime, nighttime and low light visibility studies using photographic, video and metric data capture of controlled tests to document scene elements impacting visibility such as: lighting, contrast, glare, occlusions, conspicuity and anomalies. Analysis of resulting data and tests.

  • Photography- Technical photography and photo analysis. Documentation of scenes, inspections and tests using standard photography and specialized High Dynamic Range, Macro, Compositing, Aerial (SUAS or “drones”) and Rephotography techniques. Image Analysis of existing photographs to authenticate and determine relevance and extract information. Post production of images.

  • Videography- Video capture and analysis. Static, walk, drive and fly-throughs to capture dynamic scene elements related to time and motion. Enhancement and analysis of existing video from surveillance cameras or other captured video.

  • Mapping/ Modeling- Distance and orientation documentation of elements using manual and technical methods of measurement, including: EDM, Total Stations, GNSS (GPS), and terrestrial and aerial photomodeling. 2D and 3D drawings, diagrams and renderings prepared from field measurements.

  • Photogrammetry- Analysis of photographs to determine measurements using manual or computer aided techniques.

  • Audio- Recording and analysis of sound elements. Enhancement of audio files to aid in intelligibility.

  • Dynamic and Vehicle Testing- Collection of data using RADAR, LiDAR, GPS tracking/ logging, inertial measurement and force meters. 

  • Photography & Photographic Analysis

  • Videography & Video Analysis

  • Daytime & Nighttime Visibility Studies

  • 2D & 3D Mapping & Modeling

  • Photogrammetry

  • Dynamic Testing Data Collection

  • Aerial Photography & Videography

  • ​State of California BSIS Private Investigator #PI187969

  • FAA sUAS Remote Pilot #3998940

  • State of California DGS DVBE #1796183


Please call for a current CV and Fee Schedule.

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