Paul Jacobs is a commercial photographer based out of Sacramento, California and is the owner and lead photographer at Paul Jacobs Photography. Paul specializes in capturing high-resolution images for advertising and marketing, both in print and digital formats. Paul serves the Sacramento Valley, Bay Area and Northern California.

Paul's approach is more than just showing up with a camera and snapping some photos, instead each project begins as a collaborative effort that ultimately creates or augments an identity that is both recognizable and intriguing to your customer. Web design, graphics, styling, art direction, intended use and most importantly, your customer, are all given special consideration from the beginning of the process until the final images are delivered.

Below are listed some specific areas of commercial photography Paul has extensive experience in, and what services are available.

Headshots and corporate portraiture are our first impressions. They are important marketing tools that give names a face. They follow you around the web, in portfolios and in print advertising. My headshot (above) is terrible, that's why I'm a photographer, so I can be on the other side of the camera. But your headshots should tell the viewer who you are. There is so much information encoded in the face that we understand on a primal level. The trick is creating a comfortable environment and giving you the time to relax (not always easy if you aren't a professional model), that way we capture who you are and get past the bad smiles and deer-in-the-headlights look.

Corporate headshots and portraiture can be done on-site to save you time, or can be done in the studio.

Headshots for models, actors, dancers, pageant contestants, etc., can be done in the studio with hair and makeup professionals, or at varied locations to give your portfolio and comp cards diversity.

Paul regularly works with casting agencies, models, stylists and designers to capture images of high fashion. The intent is always to highlight the clothing or accessories and create a mood that entices the viewer. Paul has found a niche in runway photography (which is a contact sport) and does his very best to capture high-quality and flattering images in situations that aren't necessarily well suited to taking great photos.

Be it art, architecture or widgets, the trick in photographing any three dimensional object is retaining the feel and one's understanding of the object after we flatten it into two dimensions. It takes a sympathetic eye and understanding of space and light to capture an image that speaks to a viewer and translates the intention of the design. The creator's input is always welcomed as nobody understands their product better than they do.

Paul has a team of photographers and support staff available for covering both small and extremely large events. Photos can be captured, edited, and uploaded during the event to show all of those that didn't buy tickets what they're missing! Real-time capture and publishing keeps the buzz going after the event and increases the effectiveness of social media.